Prior to the beginning of each school year, Foothill Preparatory School sponsors an orientation session. This orientation includes, placement testing in Math and English, a tour of the campus, setting up each student's class schedule, getting the student’s textbooks and lockers, a review of the student handbook including policies regarding attendance, cell phones, dress code, a review of local points of interest, and the many local restaurants which students may visit for lunch.


Foothill Preparatory School provides guidance and help for each student starting with the freshmen class. All freshmen, sophomores and juniors in the fall of each year are required to take the PSAT (pre-SAT) test. This test provides both the school and the student with information about his level in Math and English. The school uses this to track each student’s improvement as they get ready to take the SAT college entrance exam. This information is also helpful to the counselors as they make suggestion on how to prepare for the SAT. In the spring of the year this same group takes the pre-ACT test for exactly the same reasons we give the PSAT. Both tests are given because they give the school different information, and some universities require the SAT while others require the ACT.

The school offers students the chance to participate in the AMC Math Competition. This competition gives students the chance to compete against students from across the United States to see how they rank against other students who are also good in math. The results of this test are given to many universities, and some of them use the results to offer scholarships to their school.

The school counselor and members of the administration meet with students to help them develop a college plan. Once the plan has been developed, they make sure the student is taking all the correct courses needed to complete the plan. This group also assists the students in signing up for the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL tests. These tests are given multiple times during the year. The test the student needs to take is determined by the requirements of university(s) to which the student is applying. Most students take the tests more than once; the universities will accept the best score. The school can assist the student with their applications, and with letters of recommendation.

Most of our international students live with a “host family” during the year. The host family provides transportation to and from the school, room and board. The host family is the first contact for the school. Living with an American host family provides the student an example of a different culture.


High School should be more than just studies, so the school schedules four field trips during the year for the purpose of:

1. Giving students a chance to live out their classroom lessons in real-life.

2. Exposing students to culture, history, and art that doesn’t fit into normal class time.

3. Having students learn by using all of their senses instead of just reading about a topic.

4. Having teachers develop real world challenges through the use of different environments.

5. Just having Fun.

Over the past few years the trips have included; Presidential Libraries, Museums, Whale watching boat trips, visit to U.S. Naval ships, amusement parks, trips to the beach, and Aquarium of the Pacific.

During the school year we celebrate many holidays like: Halloween with a dress up day, a traditional Thanksgiving Feast luncheon, a Christmas Dinner, and a Chinese New Year celebration.

The school observes all national holidays (no school) on that day. The holidays that last for a longer period of time are:

Thanksgiving (one week)

Christmas (two weeks)

Easter (one week).

Foothill Preparatory School is located in the San Gabriel valley just 20 minutes from down town Los Angeles. This perfect location allows students to visit many of the local universities and points of interest on the weekends or during one of our vacations.

The following are just a few of the many destinations:

University of Southern California = 30 minutes

UCLA = 60 minutes

Cal-Tech University = 15 minutes

Disneyland = 45 minutes

Universal Studio = 30 minutes

Hollywood = 30 minutes

LAX airport = 50 minutes

Beaches = 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the beach

Mountains for Skiing = 2hrs – 3hrs depending on the resort