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First Presbyterian School is an independent Christian school commissioned to provide a high quality, college preparatory education which ministers to the whole student—academically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. The students’ educational experience encourages and challenges students to develop discipline, self awareness and to possess a broad cross cultural understanding so that they may better serve the global community. The rigorous college preparatory curriculum is designed to motivate students’ desire to learn and cultivate individual excellence.

To accomplish our mission, FPS has established four student learner outcomes (SLO's). Our student learner outcomes are as follows:

Students will:

1. Know how Christian beliefs inform (guide) daily life.

2. Learn habits for healthy and productive living and positive social contribution

3. Practice critical thinking while developing broad based knowledge in the academic disciplines

4. Develop skills for creative and thoughtful expression and effective communication

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First Presbyterian School was founded in 1995, in the city of Arcadia, a suburb of Los Angeles that lies in the shadow of the San Gabriel mountain range. Classes began on September 13, 1995, in a large office suite in a two story commercial building. The first class to graduate from First Presbyterian School did so in June 1998. In 2005, the growth of the school required expansion. As a result, the school relocated to the First Baptist Church of Alhambra in Alhambra, CA in September of 2009.  First Presbyterian School focuses primarily on college preparatory education for students from overseas, the majority of whom are from China. Throughout its history, the school’s program has successfully prepared students for entrance into various colleges and universities throughout the United States.
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