Foothill Preparatory School welcomes the participation of parents, guardians, and home stays in the educational life of their student.

At the beginning of each year each student is given a copy of the “Student Handbook”. The complete handbook is available on Sycamore website. On this page we would like to give you some of the highlights of the handbook.

1. The school uses the Sycamore platform to keep track of attendance, grades, class homework assignments, and general sharing of information. The school can provide a personal login code for parents, guardians, and homestays so they can see how their student is doing in each class, and to follow their homework progress.

2. The school does have a dress code which must be followed each day. Shirts, either polo or button style must be white. Pants, shorts, or skirts must be navy blue, black or tan. Jackets and sweatshirts must be plain black or navy blue. The school may announce a “free dress day” during the year, and dress for field trips is more causal.

3. Students are not allowed to leave the campus for lunch. Some students order their lunch by internet and have it delivered to office. Most students choose to bring their lunch from home.

4. Students need to be in school every day to maintain their “full time student status”.

5. The following is a list of the “longer” school vacation periods.

Thanksgiving (1 week)

Christmas (2 weeks)

Easter (1 week)

6. For those students who are currently receiving a lower grade in any class, they will be required to stay at school until 5:00 PM (Mon.-Wed.) in a study hall where teachers are available to help them with their homework, or with basic knowledge.

7. Cell phones are not to be used in class, unless the teacher gives permission. If a student is caught using a phone, the phone will be taken away and given to the office.