Foothill Preparatory School offers a wide selection of online courses which have been accredited by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP). This accreditation (approval) applies to standard “a-g” courses, Honors level courses, and AP courses. Students taking these courses are prepared to succeed in their initial university programs.

Online courses are for those students who are interested in courses that either don’t fit into their schedule, or may not be offered by the school during that semester. By taking an online course, students sharpen their 21st century educational skills which will be needed for their college education. Most colleges offer an on-line alternative to the classroom study, and by taking on-line courses in high school, students will be more productive than those students who have never had to work independently. In the past, our students have adapted well to this method of learning and have earned the grades to prove it.

Online course list includes:


AP US Government & Politics

AP US History


Modern World History from 1450

Modern World History from 1600

Renaissance Honors

US Government and Politics

US History Core/Honors

World History


AP English Language & Composition

English 9

English 10 Core/Honors

English 11 Core/Honors

English 12 Core/Honors

English I

English II Core/Honors

English III Core/Honors

English IV Core/Honors


AP Calculus AB

AP Statistics

Algebra 1A/1B

Algebra I

Algebra II


Math I

Math II

Math III

Pre-Calculus Core/Honors

Probability and Statistics


AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Environmental Science

Biology Core

California Chemistry Honors

Chemistry Core

Earth Science

Environmental Science

Physics Core/Honors


AP Spanish Language and Culture

French I

French II

Spanish I Core/Honors

Spanish II Core/Honors

Spanish III


Art Appreciation

Music Appreciation


AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics

AP Psychology

Business Applications

Computer Applications

Creative Writing

Geography and World Cultures

Health Extended

Human Resources Principles

Information Technology Applications

Intermediate Business & Marketing

Intermediate Health Science

Introduction to Business & Marketing

Introduction to Business & Technology

Introduction to Health Science

Legal Environment of Business

Multicultural Studies

Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance

Principles of Health Science

Principles of Information Technology



US and Global Economics Core/Honors

US History Since the Civil War

World History to the Renaissance