Graduation Requirements

The following are course requirements for students graduating at Foothill Preparatory School.  Please discuss courses taken with a school advisor to ensure your progress and graduation schedule.

CourseYears (1 year equals 10 credits; 1 semester equals 5 credits)
Total225 credits
English4 years (40 credits)
Mathematics3 years (minimum of Algebra II; 4 years of math are recommended) (30 credits)
Social Sciences3 years (1 US History, 1 World History, 1 semester of American Government, 1 semester of Economics) (30 credits)
Science3 years (1 Life Science, 1 Physical Science, 1 General Science) (30 credits)
Foreign Language1 year (2 years if starting in the 9th grade) (10 credits or 20 credits)
Visual or Performing Arts1 year (10 credits)
Physical Education1 year (10 credits)
Electives1.5 years (15 credits)
Bible4 years (or every year in attendance at Foothill Prep) (40 credits)